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News Flash!!!!!

Closet meat-eaters revolt at Loth!


News Flash!

Our fearless leader has once again brought us the spoils of war! Early field reports indicate that all neighboring lands have been successfully conquered. Bless our great motherland for it has been gorged and fattened!!!

Conquered Lands

All your base are belong to USYF

Lothlorien Gets Sacked!

"Anybody with a ladder at 4 a.m. must be doing something wrong." - Random Northside Loser

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Revolutionary Coopalism


What we demand is new, decisive and radical, revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. This revolutionary act is beginning to be visible in us. The result is a new type of person visible to the knowing eye: the Coopalalist.

We are Coopalists because we see the coop as the only way to bring all the forces of the coop together to preserve and improve our existence and the conditions under which we live.

We are coopalists because as Krackistanians, we love Krackistan. Because we love Krakistan, we want to preserve it and fight against those who would destroy it. If a Lothlorian shouts "Down with Coopalism!", he means the hypocritical bourgeois patriotism that sees the coop only as a system of slavery.

If we make clear to the man that the affirmation of the Great-Grandmotherland and the misuse of its resources, have nothing to do with each other, indeed that they go together like fire and water, then even as a Lothlorian he will come to affirm the coop and the way of Coopalism.

The Rational Will

Are you truly free? Do you really have the freedom to choose something? If you are to decide, "Should I or should I not serve Krackistan wholly and without question?" This is a choice you alone must make.

Regardless of the predestined1 nature of your choice, you must still decide the case on its merits, and reflect upon your personal identities to determine whether or not you Will give yourself to Krackistan. It is a choice that permeates our lives from the time of our birth; questions of why and how and what. Is there some predestined1 source of our actions? Or do we have rational choice over them?


But how do you make a choice?


It is important to remember that the way you make choice is with the Will. It is impossible to achieve any end without first Willing that end. It is your Will which governs your actions. As shown above, you must operate within the conception that this Will is wholely free.

Freedom is the essence of the Will, and thus any denial of freedom to the Will is a denial of the Will, and a denial of the essence of humanity. You cannot Will that the Will not have freedom, for in doing so you employ the Will to Will the Will from its Willingness. This constitutes a Willingness to destroy freedom, which is COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY, and against the COOPOLIST CAUSE!!!

The Undeniable Will:
The ONLY Rational Choice

So thus it is shown. The Will is the way, indeed, the only way is to Will. Without Will there is no way, no truth, no justice, and no path to righteousness. Thus we surrender ourselves WHOLELY to The Will and his cause. The Will will prevail infinitely and perfectly.

The Reality of Predestination

Since the Will is the ultimate and causal source of all, it follows that in the absence of Will, there is no freedom, and thus only predestination. Because the Will guides all of our actions, it is the soul source of empistemology, ontology, and perception. Thus it is fact that predestination is the Way, for the Way is Will.


The militia Krack force for Krackistan.