From:  Your Suppine Underlings


To:  Loth….


            We would like to apologize for our failure to return your flag.  You see, we were counting on the old maxim, “Knee High by Fourth of July,” which could’ve enabled us to increase our average heights by approximately 16.3’, enough to reach the location in question. .  . 

            But then our goat began to consume the corn.  You remember the little goat?  He was tied to the leash, and he just became so hungry being out so long that we didn’t have sufficient corn for the bread to go around .  I mean, how can you have a party with no corn?  Moreover, the general negativity kind of sucked/pulled the energy out..  Not to mention the miscalculation of the date.

            Well, so the cornbread party was an engineering failure, yes, so unfortunate…  And so we give you this in return.  We hope that you have no hard feelings, and can know that alL things are in better places now.  Dig it.  And remember – Look CLOSELY for then can U ReaLize the  TRUTH!!!!


                                                Friends, Your Sentries, Unquestionably.