We take your swing...

...and then you try cause a riot?

Since it's obvious that your not familiar with Newton's 3rd law, I suppose we should point a few things about Thursday night:

There is a difference between pulling a harmless prank on another coop and organising a mob to destroy property and intimidate people. I suppose we assumed (quite poorly in hindsight) that Cloyne wasn't populated by violent, mindless thugs. We know most people in Cloyne weren't out to physically assault us. However, coming to our house as a big mob intending to cause trouble was totally inappropriate and goes against the spirit and history of USCA pranks.

We aren't returning the swing because you wanted it back. Instead, we're returning it because things got way out of control on Thursday night. We don't like people in our house feeling threatened or physically assaulted. It's as simple as that, so don't think any more of it.


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